for flute & percussion

(version 1: for flute & 1 percussion player - 2008 - see details)
(version 2: for flute & 2 percussion players -2009)
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I _ Dance of the Night Wind (play)

II _ Los pies del Viento (play)

Total duration: approx. 18 30"'

Formas del Viento was commissioned by a consortium of players and the Festival Cervantino




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the consortium:
Ricardo Bologna

Pedro Carneiro

Ian Ding

Daniel Druckman

Due East:
Erin Lesser, flutes, Greg Beyer, percussion

Ingrid Gordon

Ian Hale

Barrett Hipes

Philippe Kahn,  Santa Cruz, California,

Ayano Kataoka
John Kilkenny

Yu-Chun Kuo

Edward Leandro

Paul Lin

Robert McCormick, Prof. of Music, Univ. of South Florida, McCormick Duo

William Moersch

Steve Solook

Guillaume Ubeda

Alan Zimmerman

Greg Zuber, Commission Coordinator
special thanks to New Music Marimba
premiere: 18 of October, 2008 at the Festival Cervantino, Guanjuato, Mexico, performed by Asako Arai, flute and Pedro Carneiro, percussion.

In the first movement of this piece I tried to achieve an effect of outward simplicity. A tune or melodic cell with a certain ‘groove’ repeats itself, time after time, subjected only to what appears to be just minor variations. I  imagine my audience listening to the Dance of the Nigh Wind with a certain abandon. And as the structure and rhythms get more complex the listener might just sink into them without expecting great tension or drama to unfold. In this sense this movement is unlike most of my music where the complexity of the form and local syntax is apparent.

I was not seeking simplicity, which is not much,  but what Jorge Luis Borges has described as ‘secret complexity’, a feeling that there are more layers to a discourse than it appears to be and that we are happy to let that underlying complexity remain in the background.

In the second movement  I return to one of my favorite themes: the preoccupation with polyrhythms and their ability to give the impression or create the illusion that more than one time is going on at the same time.  Here the influence of Nancarrow and Ligeti is never far.

A.V. 2008

The subtitles of the two movements -Dance of the Night Wind and Los Pies del Viento (the feet of wind)- were taken from the poem 'The Night Wind' by Rudyard Kipling.
At two o'clock in the morning, if you open your window and listen,
You would hear the feet of wind racing towards the sun.
Trees in the darkness whisper, and trees in the moonlight glisten,
And though it is still dark, you know that the night is done.