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Have I spoken out of turn?
Conversation is not compulsory
What I am trying to say
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I wrote this three compositions, that are part of The Omega Centauri Project, between 2005 and 2009. The pieces were commissioned by Christine Vandemoortele who conceived and produced the project. She wrote a large number of sentences or fragments of speech which were subsequently recorded in a studio by nine actors. These pre-recorded speech utterances form the initial sonic material around which I composed the three pieces that form this trilogy.

The music I wrote explores the energy patterns of these disconnected sentences as they come together, sometimes creating the illusion of a linear narrative not unlike what we may hear in a radio play or a film. At times this may give the impression that a conventional conversation -part of an emotional story- is in progress. In other places the abrupt juxtaposition of the words or sentences, or their simultaneous or staggered combination creates a feeling of randomness or chaos. There is also humor, created both intentionally and unintentionally.

During 2009/2010 Christine Vandemoortele produced and directed three experimental films which were structured around and edited to the pieces I composed. These films now comprise The Omega Centauri Project. The films were edited by Daniel Goddard who designed a visual landscape using as departing images pages of reserach data from Omega Centauri provide by the astrophysicist Professor Francesco R. Ferraro.


For full details on this project and to see images and excerpts of the films go to the official web site of THE OMEGA CENTAURI PROJECT