Spirit of GREED

the text

solo: Ladies and gentlemen
mesdames et messieurs
meine damen und herren
I have news for you:
greed has a spirit,
Spirit of greed.
Can you hear it? Can you?
I am here to tell you,
that greed is good.
Greed is good in all its forms
and presentations,
or appearances,
both visible and invisible,
in all of its manifestations
and materializations,
configurations, concentrations,
dispensations, permutations
implications, complications
and incarnations,
greed is good.
Spirit of greed.
Greed for life,
greed for knowledge
for all thing and everything.
Health forever, youth forever,
wealth for ever, sex for ever,
friends for ever,
love for e - - - (interrupted)
life for ever, greed for ever,
greed for ever is king,
king for ever.

Rap section
Greed for love
and greed for life
but don’t forget about
money and power
greed is king
greed for money
cause greed is king
you better get the greed for power
or you won’t get a thing!
(female chorus):
Greed is king
king of greed is king.
greed for love, sex,
greed for sex and love.
men rapping):
don’t forget about money
female chorus):
king of greed,
king of greed is king.
men rapping) :
don’t forget about power
(female chorus):
king!, king!, king! king!,
greed is good,
greed is god,
greed is my king,
cleans my mind with fire,
drives my passion and desire.

greed is strong
(men chorus): Spirit of Greed
(female chorus): greed is pure
(men chorus): Spirit of Greed
(female chorus):  greed is true
(men chorus): Spirit of Greed
(female chorus): greed is right,
runs the world, ights my fire.
solo: Ladies and gentlemen,
I have to tell you
got to tell, got to, got to tell,
I have got to tell you
(men chorus): got to tell, got!
solo: T’ve got to tell you,
(female chorus): greed!
solo: that greed is irresistible
(female chorus): greed!
solo: is irrepressible
(female chorus): greed!
solo: is irreproachable,
is irrefutable !
Greed is a  religion,
that is why fundamentally
greed is good.
If you need a friend,
get a dog.

photo by Pedro Carneiro
This configuration was first suggested by Hiroya Honda and requires an extension pedal to reach and control the pedal of the vibraphone.

This photo shows the extension pedal built and used by Hiroya Honda.