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1st prize Analogue Electro-Acousitc Composition in the 1981 International Competition at Bourges, France.

1st prize International Rostrum of Electro-Acoustic Music at the Unesco World Music Council, 1984

Euphonies d'or 1992 Bourges, France.

Total duration: 13'

Principal voice used as sound source: Sue Bickley.
Other voices used as sound sources: Frances Lynch, Tracey Williams, Alan Belk, Ian Cross and Bruno Von Ehrenberg.

Based on a text by Ian Cross.

Go uses as its sound source both voice and percussion. Though processed and transformed by electronic means, the original sounds are not electronic. Nearly every single note was recorded independently with a different reverberation amplitude and sound quality and later edited to articulate the musical phrases.

Go is based on a ten-chord chorale. The text consists of ten phonemes, of which 'go' is one. In the first draft of the piece the phoneme 'go' was not the most important one. As I started production of the piece in the studio I found myself more and more interested in the sound-word 'go' and gradually departed from my first draft of the score and the text, so that I could centre the composition on the action suggested by the word 'go'.

I was concerned with the feeling of going, moving, being active as an action, without stating a particular direction for this action. The subject and object of the action were left for the listener to fill in or leave empty according to his mood and imagination.

Go was commissioned by Elms Concerts with funds provided by the Arts Council of Great Britain, and was produced at the City University Electoacoustic Music Studio in London.

The current 8 channel version of Go was digitally re-mastered from the original 8 channel analogue master, at the GRM studios in Paris in 1993.