for flute, clarinet, percussion & electronics
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Final de Frase (play)

total duration: ca 14' 10"

Final de Frase was commissioned by Festival Exhibitronic.

Aide à l'écriture d'une æuvre musicale originale du Ministére de la Culture, France

premiere: ensemble Hanatsu Miroir, the 10th of May 2020, Passerelle Camille Claudel, Strasbourg, France



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Programme notes

The title of this piece describes the initial musical idea on which the work is based. The opening theme consist of two notes played by the flute. Out of the 2nd note comes a wind-like resonance which is left floating in an empty space. This gesture/theme appears throughout the work, varied and transformed in multiple ways, but always maintaining its initial shape and identity, always returning to this empty space at the end of each phrase.

As the piece unfolds, the initial phrase become longer, gradually acquiring with each repetition the shape of a traditional melody. Yet, these new longer phrases or melodies always end in a resonant 'empty' space.

In some musical works, the discourse may arrive -from time to time- to a place that the listener may experience as 'home'. This place may be a point of rest, or a pivotal point from where new musical phrases are launched. In this composition, the resonant space at the end of each phrase is the 'home' of the piece.
But this 'home' is not a final point of arrival or a place of rest, but rather an uncertain place where sounds resonate in and empty space bringing out new colours with each repetition and suggesting new potential directions.
Alejandro Viñao - February 2020