for a choir of 16 amplified voices & electronics


1st movement: Ojo por Ojo (play premiere by Helisnki Chamber Choir)

2nd movement: Fear of Shadow

3rd movement: Mad Game (play premiere by Helisnki Chamber Choir)

Fear was commissioned by a consortium of choirs consiting of:

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Helsingin kamarikuoro
Eric Ericsons kammarkör
Nederlands Kamerkoor
Tenso Network Europe

Fear was premiered by the The Helsinki Chamber Choir conducted by Nils Schweckendiek
at Romboutskathedraal, Mechelen, Belgium, the 13th of May, 2017, during the Tenso Days

the vocal ensemble: 4 sopranos - 4 altos - 4 tenors - 4 basses

I_Ojo por Ojo

"Ojo por ojo (Spanish)
diente por diente
mano por mano,
pie por pie.
An eye for an eye, (English)
a tooth for a tooth,
a hand for a hand,
a foot for a foot.
Occhio per occhio, (Italian)
dente per dente,
mano per mano,
piè per piè
Auge um Auge, (German)
Zahn um Zahn,
Hand um Hand,
Fuß um Fuß.
Öga för öga. (Swedish)
Silmä silmästä, (Finnish)
hammas hampaasta
begi bat begi bat (Basque)
an eye for an eye
will make the whole world blind"

II_ Fear of Shadows

"we kill
because we are afraid
of our own shadow"

III_ Mad Game

“War !
the mad game
the world so loves to play
hard steel
sharp blade
torn mind
burnt flesh
(steel sliced flesh)
blind game
War !
the mad game
the world so loves to play
would end
if the dead could return"

photo by Pedro Carneiro
This configuration was first suggested by Hiroya Honda and requires an extension pedal to reach and control the pedal of the vibraphone.

This photo shows the extension pedal built and used by Hiroya Honda.