CHICOS del 21
for soprano and computer




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Tamara 7' 00"
El sueño de Mobila 7' 50"
Street Kids 8' 10''
Total 23' 00"

The theme of Chicos del 21 is the fate of deprived children in the 21st century, both in urban and rural areas, in rich and poor parts of the world.  In spite of all the technological and social developments of the second half of the 20th century the number of children living in extreme poverty and surrounded by violence and war has dramatically increased in that last few decades. This composition is not a protest or political work in that I do not believe that a piece of music can significantly alter the condition of the world. The work is rather a reflection or impression caused on me by the fate of these children.

The first movement ‘Tamara’ is about a young girl playing hide-and-seek in a war torn area somewhere in the third world.

The second movement ‘El Sueño de Mobila’ (Mobila's Dream) is about a child who is still hungry when he goes to sleep. The text resembles a lullaby (berceuse). 

The third movement 'Street Kids' is about the children who live in the streets of cities around the world and are known by a multitude of names in different languages. The very fact that every language has at least one name for these children of the streets illustrates how generalized the problem is.  As the text of this movement I chose the simple enumeration of the names by which street kids are known, such as “straßenkinder” in Germany, “polillas”  in Bolivia, “balados”  in Congo, "street kids" in England, “scugnizzi” in Naples, etc.

Chicos del 21 was jointly commissioned by Arts Zoyd and le Groupe du Recherches Musicale (GRM). Carl Faia was responsible for the research and development of  musical computer programmes.


listen to Street Kids
performed by Frances Lynch