Burritt Variations
for solo marimbas
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total duration approximately 11 minutes.

Premiere:  2nd of November 2012,  Percussive Arts Society Convention, Austin Texas, USA , performed by Michael Burritt.

Percussion area


This work is a set of seven variations on a theme of my own invention. However, the theme has a quality reminiscent of some of the music of Latin America. In that sense it is a 'latino' theme, but one that is difficult to pin down to a particular region of Latin America. Perhaps the theme and the overall feeling of the piece are closer to the musical styles of the Caribbean, such as salsa, with its repeated phrases that shift against complex pulses. The beginning of the piece came to me as something very simple and familiar, related to the music I grew up playing and listening to in Buenos Aires as a young man. Progressively the piece become more complex, exploring various rhythmic procedures that have interested me for a many years, such as music with more that one speed, pulse or tempo going on at the same time.
Each variations presents the listener with the challenge, and I hope the excitement, of listening to rhythmic patterns that combine with each other to form complex layers while seeking to retain the quality that makes one want to move, dance, or foot-tap following a ‘groove’.

The piece pays homage to the many Latin American musical traditions I grew up with, that so strongly remain with us today.

Burritt Variations was commissioned by Michael Burritt.

A.V. August 2012




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